Obsessing About My First Post!

Hello hello blog world!  Being as this is my first post I’m guessing no one is out there…yet…except maybe my mother.  So I’m going to quit being nervous about writing something that will be out there for the world to see and just get on with it.

Hi, I’m Vickie, 29 years old, wife, mother, and the kind of gal who just gets obsessed about things in my life. Hence the name of this blog, presentlyobsessed.  I have tendencies to get carried away in a lot of aspects of my life.  So as an outlet for my craziness I decided to start a blog 🙂

Some of the things I am obsessing about at the moment are, running, my daughter’s birthday party, Disney World, and turning 30!  Those topics are surely to be showcased in posts soon.  But other things that seem to pre-occupy my time are, cooking, gardening, shopping (for amazing deals!!), and just having fun with my little family.

Thank you for enduring my intro post and I promise more exciting things to come than me just blabbering.  In fact my next post will be about my new running adventure that I’m training for, so stay tuned!!


5 thoughts on “Obsessing About My First Post!

  1. I need to hear more about your deal shopping! And gardening cause I want to start doing that, but not your cooking cause will just make me grumpy hungry!

    • Gardening and I have a love hate relationship but oh my goodness I love love love a good deal! I think you may want to avert your eyes this afternoon, artichoke dip goodness is coming 🙂

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