Work Out of the Day

I slacked off yesterday and didn’t get my scheduled 4 miles in.  But carrying around a 4 month old baby all day really gave my biceps a workout!  I had forgotten how exhausting it is to have young kids.  

Today was back on the training wagon and I ran 7.5 miles to make up for missing yesterday’s workout.  I have to say, I wan’t super stoked about running today.  But I had several Drop Dead Diva shows recorded (don’t judge!) and I try to save my tv watching for treadmill days.  I really need to find some new programs to watch.  My DVR is so boring right now.  It’s pretty much full of food network and bad reality shows.  Please please please let there be some good new series this fall!  My treadmill runs will be so much more enjoyable with good tv!


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