Fake Shake & Workout of the Day

I have to share my fave diet dessert of the moment.  I call it the Fake Shake.  It tastes like a fudge pop and even my hubby and daughter love it!  It’s fat free and very low calorie, about 165 per serving or 230 for the whole batch.   I made it up one day when I my sweet tooth was going to explode and I’ve been making it all summer long.

Chocolate Fake Shake

Makes 2 servings

2 Tablespoons cocoa powder (20 cals)

12 packets of sweetener (0 cals)

1/2 tsp. vanilla (0 cals)

24-28 ice cubes (depending on size) (0 cals)

1 cup greek plain non fat yogurt (130 cals)

1 cup coconut soy milk (almond or regular milk work too) (80 cals)

Optionals: protein powder, oats, malted milk

Place cocoa powder and sweetener in the blender first and then the other ingredients on top.  Blend, blend, blend!  It takes me a few minutes to get it all blended into creamy, chocolatey, deliciousness.  It’s a loud process, but so worth it.  I don’t usually add in any extras, but my husband likes it with malt, and my daughter likes chocolate chips sometimes.

This is a must try recipe!  It makes a giant glass and it perfect for those watching their waistlines.  Of course the whipped cream and cherry are also optional 🙂


Ok, onto my training update.  Not as exciting as guilt free chocolate shakes, so I’ll keep it short :).  Yesterday was just a quick 3 mile run and today was an 8 miler.  Both runs were good, no issues.  Tomorrow is REST DAY!!


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