Workout of the Day- Hunger Games Run!

After a very good nights rest (10 hours!), I was ready to take on the treadmill.  I popped in my brand spankin new Hunger Games DVD and started up my mill.  The first 7.5 miles were great.  I was caught up in the movie and they were just about to be released into the arena, and I lost all my energy.  What!!?  This was the best part!  I paused the DVD and decided to take a quick break for sugar.  I didn’t even think about the fact that I hadn’t been eating properly for the past 2 days since I was sick and suffering from a lack of glycogen stores.  Jolly Ranchers, Airheads, and a water refill to the rescue.  What can I say, I’m not really into all those fancy bars, tabs, and gels. They all pretty much taste like chemical poo and they’re expensive!  I will be training with good old fashioned sugars and gatorade.  Anyway, back on the treadmill I went.  I made it to about 11 miles before my bod was just too depleted to go on.  So I walked the rest of the movie, which ended up putting my total run at 13.2 miles!  When the movie ended I still had to stretch, so I popped in the DVD extras.  After about 30 minutes of barely stretching and staring at the tv, it was time to join the real world again.  Ah, I love a good movie run.  I highly recommend it!


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