30 Before 30 List

I finally finished my list of 30 things I’m going to do before I turn 30!  I’m going to give it my best shot at completing all of them.  My reasoning behind making a list like this is to make sure that I continue to try new things and make having fun a priority in my life.  The main requirement for making my list was that I wanted it to be filled with things that I’ve never done before (or have done, but with a twist).  So here it is!

30 Things

  1. Spend an entire day relaxing in my pj’s.
  2. Get a passport.
  3. Go on a cruise
  4. Read Pride & Prejudice.
  5. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
  6. Donate blood.
  7. Get a massage.
  8. Leave the U.S.
  9. Make cake pops.
  10. Run the Disney World Marathon.
  11. Grind wheat and make bread.
  12. Be able to do the splits on the right and left side.
  13. Take my family out to breakfast, just because.
  14. Go vegan for a week.
  15. Swim with dolphins.
  16. Read the 2nd and 3rd Harry Potter books to my daughter.
  17. Take a spur of the moment mini trip.
  18. Try Zumba.
  19. Take creative family photos.
  20. Have my daughter give me 5 guitar lessons.
  21. Teach our dog 2 new tricks.
  22. Learn to repair the ceiling, then do it.
  23. Try out 5 new hair styles.
  24. Go to Universal Studios Orlando, see the Harry Potter Castle.
  25. Finish writing the children’s book I started 5 years ago.
  26. Get properly fitted for running shoes.
  27. Have a food fight.
  28. Build something with wood, nails, screws, and stuff like that.
  29. Start a new family tradition.
  30. Invent a new ice cream flavor.

I’ll be posting about the one’s that I have already accomplished.  I started this list just after my 29th birthday so I have checked off several.  Be on the lookout for my updates! 🙂


2 thoughts on “30 Before 30 List

  1. Great list…I have been wanting to do one of these as well but haven’t got to it yet. And your Wonderland Party….wow!! That is amazing!! What a great idea…I’m really tempted to go with this theme for my daughter’s birthday, but I know mine won’t be nearly as elaborate as yours!!!

    • Thanks Everyday Girl! I highly recommend the Wonderland theme, it’s so fun and bright, and can be done in a bunch of different ways. This theme would be great done simply, good luck with you daughter’s birthday!

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