Workout of the Day- Updates & Party Bomb

Busy busy week has led to a lack of long runs for me.  But I’m looking at it as a rest period before I start my official marathon training on Monday!  I’ve basically been doing 3-4 mile runs this week with my kiddo.  I don’t think she really wanted to join me for the first one, but I didn’t want to leave her home alone, so along she came.  It was really great for her to see how your body can make progress even after just a week of training.  My ultimate dream would be for her and I to run a major race together.  Maybe the Boston Marathon!  Well, a girl can dream :).

On to the party bomb!  Yes, explosion in my house!  My poor kitchen table, office, and pretty much every counter in the house.  I need to check the party projects off my list so I can clean my house!  I don’t think I would cope well as a hoarder.  At least the butterfly project did get completed.  I was so happy to rid my house of the tiny pieces of paper that the paper punch made.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  Not a bad effect for only $5.99!  It was also nice to clean out my paper drawer of all the scraps.



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