First Day of 3rd Grade!


My baby girl is off to 3rd grade today.  It’s crazy how quickly this summer has past!  It feels like yesterday that she was running out of the school to start the summer.  Oh well, I can’t freeze time, so I might as well squeeze all the good times out of it that I can :).

I’m going to miss having my girly around, but there are a couple good things about the start of school.  No more Disney or Nickelodeon shows, less messes to clean up, and no whining about having to run errands!  Also, I can really get a bunch of party stuff done.  Today’s plan, finish treat boxes and decorate the walls.  I’m seriously so excited to work without the sound of Spongebob and Patrick in the background.  Ah, it’s the little things in life.


2 thoughts on “First Day of 3rd Grade!

  1. OH, Valie looks so pretty! Come on now Vickie……”Do it for the kids” 🙂 I am still chuckling over this!!!!

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