Count down to party…1 weekish

Ahhh!  My girly’s “friend” party is in a week and her “family” party the day after that!  And what am I doing…sitting here in a stupor eating leftover frosting.  Ugh, focus Vickie focus!  Mmmmm, right after I finish off this cream cheese frosting goodness….ok…done.

Moving on.  I’ve been pretty productive this week since I didn’t have any little ones around.  The walls are now purple and covered in colorful mushrooms, treat boxes are done, several favors are done, and I just printed some cute quotes.  I was going to take pictures and post them, but I kind of want it to be a surprise.  I’ll definitely post pics when everything is finished!

One thing I am getting stuck on is games.  How do you find games that are suitable for kids of all ages?  I like to play team games because I find them more engaging and fun, but individual based games like pin the tail on the donkey are less competitive.  So I’m going to test out some new games I have never done before and I’ll let you know how they blow over.  The one that I’m particularly excited about is the “tape ball” game.  You get a roll of packing tape and plaster a bunch of little prizes all together and wad it up in a big ball.  The ball is passed around and the kids then have figure out how to get the prizes out.  Oh to be a kid again…wait…I don’t think I ever grew up…maybe that’s why I love kid parties! 🙂


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