Back to Reality

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and that is because I was literally consumed with my daughter’s Wonderland party.  But that’s just me, I’m obsessed, I know it.  I think it turned out really good though.  I hope all of our guest had a good time and that my daughter will always remember it.  I’m going to post the party photos soon so stay tuned.

The day after the party was spent cleaning up a bit, but mostly lounging around with Val in her little twin bed watching her new tv she got for her birthday.  I heard her watching it at about 9am.  I went in to greet her and she was watching The Biggest Loser on netflix!  Of all the things for her to watch.  Anyway, we ended up watching all of season 2, haha.  We are so dorky I can’t take it.  But there was nothing else I wanted to do but lounge around with my baby girl.  I have to do it while she’ll let me, I’m sure the day is coming where she won’t want Mom to hang out in her room anymore :(.

After a much needed day of rest, today is back to reality.  I have not ran seriously for two weeks!  My plantar fascitis was killing me and I was super party crazy so it was the perfect time to take a break.  I ran a few short runs, but nothing really productive.  So today I was really itching to make some progress.  Especially after watching all those Biggest Loser episodes I felt like I had to get up off my booty and do something.  I ran 5 miles and boy did I feel tired and jiggly!  It is the worst when you start to run and your skin just feels jello like, or maybe it’s just me. I think that water retention is what causes the jiggle effect.  Thank you junk food, I really appreciate the wake up call.

Ok, I’m off to clean up more of the party bomb.  Hopefully I’ll get to the party recap asap!!


4 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. It was an amazing event! I’m going to start calling Valie’s b-day event b/c it is so much more than an average birthday party. I had a great time. Good job Vickie!!!!

  2. I need lots and lots of detailed pics, especially of the food and decorations. From what I’ve seen so far on FB it looks beyond amazing. Hope to attend at least one of your parties in my lifetime!

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