Wonderland Party Part 1

Alright, here comes the Wonderland party recap.  I’m also including some how to’s and detailing how I keep costs down for a big party.

I started decorating the garage door a few years ago and actually toned it down a bit this year with just a birthday banner.  It was super cheap to do too!  I bought a big roll of green paper for $1.19 (purchased @ NPS) and painted it with acrylic paints that were on sale for $0.35 each at (Michael’s).  It’s a fun place for people to take pictures and it makes the house look festive.


These are some directional signs that I made using cardboard and acrylic paints.  I used all of the same words on the signs as they do in Alice in Wonderland and added a few of my own.  Note to others: make sure not to paint all of the signs in the same direction (yeah, I made this mistake!) flip some over so you have them pointing both ways.


Ok, this one requires very large cardboard pieces!  Luckily I always have people offering me cardboard and I just store it in the garage until I need it.  I just taped together 3 big pieces, cut a rabbit hole, and went to town painting a giant tree.  I did purchase a gallon of cheap white paint from home depot for $10 and sprayed all of the cardboard before painting with acrylics.  It’s much easier and cheaper to buy a gallon of paint and spray it if you have a paint sprayer (or can borrow one), than it is to use spray paint.

This was super fun for the kids to crawl through and another good spot for pictures.


After falling down the rabbit hole, guest got to choose a key necklace.  We were smarter than Alice and made sure to get the key before drinking the shrinking potion :).  I purchased these keys off of etsy.  I think it was about $14 for 36 keys shipped to my house.  These keys were my favorite item I purchased for the party. The ribbon was from Michael’s, on sale 4 rolls for a $1!


Ok, we have our keys, time to shrink.  Guest drank some mystery potion (root beer) and shrank down to fit through the tiny door.  The glass bottles I purchased at Michael’s years ago on clearance, I believe they were less than a buck each.  They have had a lot of use.  The black frame was .50 (goodwill), glass pitcher .99 ( Ikea clearance), and the little plastic cups you can get at restaurant supply stores super cheap ($2 for 200 cups).


Here we go, through the tiny door!


To be continued…:)


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