Wonderland Party Part 2

One of my favorite things to do for a party is to really transform the main room of the house.  I’m sad I didn’t take better pictures of our living/dining/kitchen area!  This picture was from the small friend party and it doesn’t have all the details we had for the bigger party, oh well, you still get the idea.

Decorating the walls is a really economical way to have a big impact.  The purple on the walls is a plastic roll that you can buy from any party store for about $14.  I was lucky and found a roll for only $4.99!  I was able to cover the main walls in the room and still have enough left over for tables.  I also did a boarder along the top of the walls with good old construction paper and some of that edging paper they sell at teacher supply stores.  So a pack of construction paper, $2ish and a roll of edging $2ish and you have a really fun effect.  I also used left over construction paper I had in multi colors to make flowers.  This was a great party to use up all of the spare paper in the house that had been collecting dust.


Alright that house of cards…HOT GLUE!  It was pretty easy too, time consuming yes, but super fun and a great party decoration.  Don’t ask how many cards, I have no idea.  I just started and kept going until it looked like a giant pyramid.  Which leads me to my next frugal party tip.  Oriental Trading Company sale and “less than perfect” section!  I have actually never ordered from them until this party.  I was having a hard time finding decks of cards for a good price and decided to check out Oriental Trading one day.  Bingo, and I found tons of stuff on sale.  The decks of cards ended up being less than a dollar a box and I purchased hats, the mushrooms on the walls, stickers, other small mushrooms, treat packaging, and lots of other goodies for a pretty good price.  I also checked retailmenot.com and found a coupon code for $10 a $50 order!  So you have to check out Oriental Trading if you’re having a party, and don’t forget to go through all the sale sections, you never know what amazing deals you’ll find.

In this pic you can also see some of the cool clocks I was able to score at Goodwill, along with that awesome card painting 🙂


Gotta give credit to my Valie for coming up with the idea of putting a big Cheshire Cat smile on the wall.  Such a fun idea I would have never thought of doing.  Thank you Valie girl!


This is the fun little table I set up for guest to indulge in before venturing into the outdoor wonderland.  That cute little card guy is a craft found on the Disney Family website https://family.go.com/crafts/craft-621733-sweet-suitors-t/  very simple and looks just like the card dudes from Alice in Wonderland!


The next chapter of this party will have tips on decorating unusual areas and I’ll post pics from our Alice in Wonderland photo shoot we did at Red Butte Gardens 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wonderland Party Part 2

  1. We’re still brainstorming ideas for next year. Her dream party would be Disney World themed, but that would be crazy hard. It’s just such a broad theme with so much detail. Maybe if she picked a focus it could work. I’d like Val to pick a theme soon though so I can keep my eye out for clearance items!

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