Wonderland Party Part 3

Ok let’s decorate some unusual spaces…like the potty!  Oh yes, I love to put decorations in the bathroom.  It’s just one of those unexpected details that is super fun.  I just used the same decorations as the living room, butterflies, flowers, and a few quotes.


This sign was readable when you were drying your hands or sitting on the potty :).  I must have read it a thousand times since I decorated the bathroom about 3 weeks before the party!  Funny thing is, I read the sign in my head with a British accent every time.  Am I nuts or did everyone else too??!!


Another one of my favorite things to do when my girly is having a birthday is to do a photo shoot.  No professionals or anything, just me and her, having fun and taking lots of pictures.  This year we went to the University of Utah’s amazing Red Butte Gardens (on free admission day!).  We got Val all beautified and took her costume and props in a wagon to make things easier.  It was pretty early in the day so there weren’t too many people watching us and thinking we were crazy.  We got some pretty good shots, I was really happy with the pictures.  Plus, we were able to spend time together making fun memories.




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