Wonderland Party Part 4

We made it to outside Wonderland, woohoo!  First things first, we must paint the roses red.  Another cheapie decor area.  The topiary was borrowed and decorated with white roses from Dollar Tree that were painted red. The bushes are just poster board with roses I printed from google images, and red crayons and pens that we had lying around.


You can’t have a tea party without a hat!  Guest were able to decorate these fun hats with all kinds of goodies we had in our craft room.  We had some pretty creative ones, I was impressed.


I didn’t get to try out the croquet, but I hope lots of others had fun playing.  These were borrowed from family, which is another great party tip, borrow whenever possible.



We also made a potion that would return us to our original size.  The kids loved this activity.  I used the Tim Burton movie as inspiration for the recipe.

Urine from the horsefly (Sprite Zero)

Worm fat (Sugar)

Blood from butter fingers (Grenadine)

3 coins from a dead man’s pocket (plastic gold coins)

Wishful thinking (Dry Ice)

Mix all the ingredients together and poof, instant child entertainment!



Here’s a couple of tables from the party.  I saw the idea of using long flower planters to put drinks and decor in on Martha Stewart.  Thank you Martha you always come through.





Here’s the cake.  The bottom layer got a bit melty from the sun, ugh.  Oh well it was still tasty.  I made the cake about a week before the party and then froze it.  This is the absolute best way if you are making your own cake for a party.  


My daughter loves popcorn.  She eats it almost everyday.  So this was a must do for her party.  I got the idea off Pinterest.


Almost every party I do has a candy bar.  Why? Because I’m obsessed with candy!!  It’s my vice, I love the stuff.  It calls to me in it’s sugary sweet voice…Vickie…Vickie…come and try the caramel.  Ah, I’m such a nut job!


The Cheshire Cat smiles were an idea I saw from a party site.  They are just cardstock and bbq skewers.



Tomorrow I’ll finish up the party with food pics and some of the awesome costumes we had!!


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