#3 Go on a Cruise, #8 Leave the Country, #15 Swim with Dolphins

Alright, time for an official update on 30 before 30.  I did all three of the next items on my list in one trip!  Can you believe I had never been on a cruise or left the US?!  Well I did go to Tiajuana once for about an hour when I was little, but I don’t think that counts :).  My little family, along with all of my hubby’s family went on a Disney cruise to the Mexican Riviera, and it was amazing!  I loved everything about it and can’t wait to go on another one.  I thing my favorite thing about the Disney cruise was that there was constant entertainment, everywhere, all day!  I am one of those nutty people who doesn’t really like to relax on vacation.  I like activities, lots and lots of activities.  The fantastic part was that when my kiddo or husband wanted to sleep in or take a nap, I could still go off an do whatever I wanted because the room was so close and there was a kids club.  I think I might want to celebrate my 30th birthday with a Disney cruise 🙂

Just a little bit about swimming with the dolphins.  It was fun, but not as incredible as I would have imagined.  Our group was small and we got to spend about 40 minutes in the water with the dolphin.  We got to take pictures with her, which they charged about a million dollars for.  Then the dolphin just swam around and let us touch her while the trainer talked all about dolphin facts.  The highlight was having the dolphin pull you around the pool, which only lasted about 15 seconds.  I’m glad I had to opportunity to touch and swim with such an amazing animal, but one time is good for me.

I need to get going on these other adventures on my list!  I do have #14 scheduled on my calendar.  Starting October 10th I’m going vegan for a whole week.  That just so happens to be the week before I go to Disney World with my family.  Perfect time for a little detox.


4 thoughts on “#3 Go on a Cruise, #8 Leave the Country, #15 Swim with Dolphins

  1. I hope you post more about your vegan week. I want to know what your eating and how you’re feeling. I would love for my diet to be more plant based. We consume way too many animal based products in our house.

  2. Good luck with vegan!!! There are so many substitutes that are amazing!!! Fried tofu really is good 🙂 I use that in place of chicken all the time. Oreos are the only store bought cookies that are technically vegan (I work with a very strict vegan so I hear about it all) almond milk is delicious!! Honestly cheese would be hard to give up. That’s the only thing keeping me back from being vegan. That and my family would go more crazy than they already do 🙂

    • Oh I love almond milk & soy coconut milk! It should definitely be a different experience at the grocery store, that’s for sure. Hopefully my family doesn’t cry too much because I’m not cooking 2 different dinners every night :).

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