Back to Training

So I’m back in the swing of training for the marathon.  I’m really trying to get at least 2 long runs done outside and not on the comfort of my treadmill.  Today I did 6 miles outside and it was brutal.  The air quality in Salt Lake is just so bad!  I felt like I just wasn’t getting enough oxygen.  This is something that I battle all winter and it’s so frustrating.  Granted, it’s not winter yet, but SLC is a valley and lots of crap gets stuck here.  So if you see a crazy girl running with an air filter on her face, wave, it’s me :).

I’ve also been trying to do some strength training along with my running.  Oh man, those first ab workouts are tough.  I’ve been sore for 4 days since blasting my abdominals with my daughter.  I couldn’t take a pic of myself doing this exercise (it was too scary!).  But you know the one, looks like this..

Your partner stands by your head and pushes your feet away towards the ground and you have to them bring them back up.  Ouchie!  I’m still crying about it.  But it’s a great all over ab/hipflexor exercise, you should try it, then we can cry together.


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