Workout of the Day & New Vocabulary

The marathon training is still moving forward.  Today I got my booty out off the treadmill and outside on the pavement.  6 miles at 10k pace and it felt good.  The air was so much better than my runs from last week.  It’s amazing how much air quality can affect your stamina.  I was so disheartened from running last week because I thought that I wasn’t making any progress.  But it’s a new week, a better week, and I’m plugging along.  If anyone would care to join me this Saturday, I’m scheduled for 14 miles!  Oh man, that sounds so unbelievably daunting right now.

Ok a little running vocabulary I’d like to toss out there.  Fartlek.  Who in the world decided that fartlek was going to be a good word to use when training?!  It’ so ugly, I can’t take it.  Every time I see that word on my running schedule I just can’t help but laugh.  So I looked up the origin of the word and it’s Swedish for “speed play”.  Thank you Sweden for that lovely term.  For anyone out there who would like to add a little fartlek to their life, this is how you do it.  You start out running at a comfortable pace and then increase your pace to something a bit difficult until you feel like you need to catch your breath.  At that point, you go back to the easy pace until you feel like you can increase the pace again.  It’s pretty unstructured, but can help runners to increase there anaerobic threshold.  So why not throw a little fartlek into your schedule this week?! 🙂


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