14 miles with a new product, bad plan!

I wanted to invest in some sort of hydration device for the long runs that I have coming up.  I researched a bunch of belts and read reviews and finally decided upon this little cutie, the Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Pack.

I tried it on at the store and it was comfortable, had 2 bottles that each hold 10 ounces, and a pouch for small items.  I purchased the belt and couldn’t wait to try it out.

Sunday morning came and I was ready to tackle my 14 miles.  Since we were staying downtown at the Radisson, my plan was to run up to Liberty Park, around Liberty 5 times, back downtown and around City Creek Center.  So I started running.  Within 1 mile I knew the hydration pack was going to make me crazy.  I had it on as tight as it would go and it was bouncing around like crazy.  I should have done a lap around the store so I would have realized it was going to be a problem.  So for all you petite gals out there, this was the deal breaker for me. I could have turned around and left the belt back at the hotel, but I wanted to give it a real shot and kept running.  

3.5 miles and I’m at the park, still mentally swearing at the hydration belt.  It kept pulling up my shirt in the back and twisting around so the bottles were on my side, ugh.  I ended up having to hold it in place with my right hand almost the whole time.  Once I drank almost all the water in the bottles (10 miles in), the bouncing was still there, but it was less irritating. I decided to fill the bottles to just 2 ounces each and finish out the run as quickly as possible.  Quickly as possible turned out to be quite slow.  My gait had been disrupted by the dang belt so much that my left knee and ankle and lower back were all starting to ache.  No to mention that I was soooo hungry (as mentioned in my previous post :)).  The icing on the cake of a horrible run was that my headphones broke at mile 10.5, BOOOO!! 

The last 3 miles were brutal, but I kept an ok pace.  I wanted to finish in around 2 hours and 25 minutes.  It ended up taking me 2 hours and 32 minutes, not too bad considering the ultra crappy conditions I created for myself.  I was so happy when my GPS watch beeped and looked down and saw that 14.0!  Woohoo, it was over and I could take that stupid belt off!  So now I know.  Do not test out new products on really long runs.  Lesson painfully learned.


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