Woohoo!  I checked off #17 on my 30 things to do before I’m 30 list, spur of the moment mini trip.  Even though we didn’t leave Utah, I’m still counting it :).  A couple weeks ago I was downtown with my daughter and thought that it would be fun to just get a hotel and stay down there for a weekend.  She had Friday off of school this week so it was perfect.  We got a sale room at the Radisson for a couple nights and had a great time shopping, playing, and eating around downtown Salt Lake.  I was also able to use my Happenings book a ton, so it was super budget friendly, even better.

Here’s a shot of my crazy family, gotta love em 🙂



We got the yummiest cookies at Kodiak Cakes!  50% off your entire cookie order coupon in the Happenings book!  This was my attempt at carb-o-loading, 3 giant cookies for me, yes please.



My favorite thing about City Creek is that they are so doggy friendly.  They even have a list of all the store that have officially stated that dogs are allowed in their store, awesome!  Amazingly, all the super expensive stores are on the list, Tiffany, Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, all of them.  I also found out that even though certain stores may not be on “the list” they still may allow dogs, especially little ones.   Freddie has always been really good in stores and even fell asleep in my arms like a baby at Nordstrom, I think he was bored :).





So my favorite type of eatery has to be the deli/bakery.  I love love love that they make fresh food with healthy options and you can get a cupcake the size of your head to go with that healthy entree!


Our splurge of the weekend was Sunday brunch at the Little America.  Oh my goodness I was in heaven.  In this picture I was so hungry I was about to dive face first into the biscuits and gravy.  I had to restrain myself while loading up my plate and not start chowing the bacon before I even got to the table.  Ok, the info about this meal may scare you, so if you don’t want to read about gluttony, turn away now!  My excuse for pigging out was that I had just ran a very long distance before this meal and I literally thought my stomach was going to eat itself.  I got my $$ worth by devouring 6 eggs, 1 eggs benedict, 8 thick cut slices of bacon, 1 giant biscuits and gravy, a sausage, yogurt with fruit, a little piece of about 6 kinds of cheeses, a breakfast burrito, a mini waffle, 1/2 piece of french toast, and skim milk of course!!  Oh man, I know I’m forgetting a few things too, haha.    That’s what endurance workout do to me, turn me into a sumo wrestler eater.



I’m going to post about my run tomorrow.  As a preview I’ll let you know that it did not go well!  Was it completed, yes…barely.


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