Amphipod Run Lite Hydration 4 – Review

I’m still on a quest to find a decent hydration belt for long runs.  Today I was lucky enough to borrow an Amphipod Run Lite Hydration 4.  Learning from past running disasters, I decided to give this one a try on my treadmill.  

This is what it looks like…

This belt was leaps and bounds better than the Nathan belt I used just a few days ago.  I love that you can adjust the bottles to be vertical (as pictured) or horizontal.  I chose to use just two bottles and put them horizontal.  This worked out great for my short torso.  If the bottles had been vertical I would have been hitting my elbows on them the whole time, but horizontally they were perfect.  The belt I borrowed was a medium and I had it hanging on by a centimeter of velcro and it stayed on for the whole 7 miles!  I was pretty impressed with that.  I though for sure the velcro would give way, but it held strong.  If I were to buy this I would most definitely need a small, but it’s good to know how sturdy the product is.  

The bouncing associated with this product was pretty minimal.  It did bounce more in the beginning of my run, but once I started sweating (gross!) it stuck really well.  My only complaint about the Amphipod was that the bottles were quite difficult to get out.  I had to stop running to get them out of the holsters and in the process they were leaking water.  I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker for me, but it might be for others.

I think I will test out one or two more belts before committing.  The perfect belt has to be out there somewhere 🙂


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