30 before 30 #14, Vegan Challenge

Today is day one of the Vegan Challenge!  I plan on posting daily for the next week to document how it is to be vegan.  I even have a companion for this challenge (no it’s not the hubby), it’s my baby girl.  Val is so adventurous, I love it.  I’m hoping that by taking the Vegan Challenge we will both learn to like new foods and become mindful of the foods we eat.

The Rules:

Plant based foods only

No animal products

No fake meats or cheeses

As many unprocessed foods as possible

I definitely was not prepared for the challenge to start this morning.  Oatmeal with brown sugar was pretty much the only thing we had that sounded good for breakfast.  I also had to scrape together a lunch for Valie, which ended up being pb&j, dried mangos, crackers, and a fruit roll up.  Not the best lunch around, but probably better than the school’s sweet and sour meatballs that I know Val would have just tossed in the trash.

Grocery shopping today was different.  I ventured out to Winco since they usually have great produce prices.  I loaded up on fruits and veggies, and tried to get a few things we had never tried before.  As I was trying to think of veggie protein sources, I was having a hard time coming up with things that I’d want to eat.  I ended up buying a couple different tofus, soy milk, nuts, edamame, and a bunch of different beans/lentils/grains that create complete proteins.  I guess we will see how it goes, and hopefully I’ll learn some new healthy recipes!

I plan on cooking up a vegan dish for dinner tonight, I’ll post it and let you all know if it was any good 🙂


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