Day #4 Vegan Challenge

Ah, I’m getting behind on my updates!  Ok, day four was Friday.  Oh yes, Friday I was super grumpy, haha :).  I did not want to eat any of my lovely fresh produce.  All I wanted was pretty much anything else.  Funny how cravings can be so strong and affect your mood.  I seriously wanted to punch someone.  But there was no caving on my end, just unjustified angriness.

Let’s see what did I cook for dinner??  Oh yeah, sweet potato pattie burger thingies.  They were ok.  It could have been my mood though, I’m not sure.  Well, they probably were meh, because my hubby and kid ate one and said that was enough.  Ugh, not a particularly stellar day on the Vegan Challenge.

I’ll spare you the recipe 🙂 but they looked cute.




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