Day #5 Vegan Challenge

Alrighty, now that grumpy day is behind us, let’s move on to a happier day.  Day 5 was much better.  I even baked cupcakes and brownies and didn’t feel tempted.  Which is crazy, I’m one of the biggest sugar bugs out there!  It was however too much for my Valie girl.  She decided that she had had enough of the Vegan Challenge and wanted a brownie.  But I think she did an excellent job and lasted 4 days!  Not too shabby for a 3rd grader.

For dinner I made a Quinoa salad. I’m not gonna lie, I got this recipe online and it was not that great.  It looked yummy, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  How could this be??  Two bummers in a row!  I was really wanting to crumble some feta on this thing.  Maybe when the challenge is over I will try that, because I have a bunch of it just sitting in the fridge :).  Here’s a pic of the dish we will call “Something was Missing Quinoa”.



One thought on “Day #5 Vegan Challenge

  1. All quinoa salads should be called that! I’ve tasted quite a few and tried really hard to love it because it’s so healthy, but I can’t and end up salting it to death because something is always missing. the only way we like it is mixed with rice and smothered in sauce.

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