Day #7 Vegan Challenge

Today is the last day of my weeklong vegan challenge.  It was definitely more difficult than I anticipated.  I think the hardest thing was cooking from scratch everyday.  It was a ton of dishes!  Also, the cravings didn’t really diminish until day 6, so that wasn’t very fun.  But this has been good for me.  I learned to read my labels, combine my plant proteins, and cook some new dishes.

Today was pretty boring for day 7.  I wish I would have planned to go out with more of a bang.  But instead I was just cleaning the house, doing laundry, and eating leftovers.  But I guess I do have a pretty fun week ahead of me…Disney World!  Woot woot, I can smell the chocolate covered goodies already :).  I’ll definitely be posting about that when I get back.

So until then…#14, check.


2 thoughts on “Day #7 Vegan Challenge

  1. That is so awsome of you stick with the Vegan diet all week! I know I would have caved around day 2. Congratulations and Yay WDW!!!!

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