Marathon Training Update

I was on such a roll with the training for so long and then all of a sudden…the plantar fascitis bomb went off.  I must have been thinking I was invincible or something because I decided to run two back to back 7 mile runs and then walk theme parks all day and into the night.  Yeah, my foot was not loving me.  So I’m modifying my training and trying to get the inflammation under control.  I”m still doing all my plantar fascitis treatments and cutting back on my weekday mileage.  Hopefully I’ll be posting little to no symptoms one of these days.

I was feeling pretty good so I did a spur of the moment half marathon on Saturday.  It went surprisingly well.  I completed it in 2 hours and 7 minutes.  Not too shabby for 3.5 hours of sleep.  I did crash when I got home.  I seriously couldn’t open my eyes I was so tired.  The sore factor waited until the next day to kick in.  Man, those down hill courses are a beast on the shins.  I’m still walking like zombie girl.

Ok, off to take more ibuprofen.


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