#26 Get fitted properly for running shoes

This week I was able to check #26 off my list of 30 things to do before I’m 30.  You would think that since I’ve been running for about 13 years, I would have done this already…but I haven’t.  I headed out to Salt Lake Running Co. since that is where everyone tells me to go.  A nice lady was there to assist me.  She got me a pair of bright yellow Nike’s to do a treadmill test in.  I was surprised that they didn’t have any size 6’s in the tester shoes.  I know you always add a half size to your running shoe, but I am a 5.5, so 6 is my perfect runner.  So a loose 6.5 was what I got for the test.  Note to others who may go and do treadmill testing: wear shorts, capris, or ankle pants, or you may end up doing the gangsta pant roll like I had to.

Ok, onto the treadmill I went.  I started running and the lady stood behind me with an ipad and recorded my lower body.  It only took a couple of minutes and then I got to see the footage.  Surprisingly, my left side was totally perfect, straight, ideal, no problems.  Crazy, since that is the foot with the issues.  On the right side I had just a slight pronation, but nothing worrisome.  She also noted that my gait and foot strike were also perfectly normal.  So it was all good news.  This is a picture of of the 3 ways your foot/ankle may be when you run.  

I talked to a couple different people about my issues with plantar fasciitis and they all gave suggestions that I’m already implementing.  The only thing that they said I could maybe try is this crazy looking device called a strassburg sock, it pulls your toes back and keeps your foot constantly flexed…um, that’s a no for me.  They also said that there are no “right” kind of shoes for people with plantar fasciitis.  It’s pretty much all your personal preference.  Since I don’t have any alignment issues that means I can wear which ever shoe feels good.  I was happy to hear that I have lots of options, I was not happy to hear that they didn’t know of anything that could help out my problem.

So I they brought out lots of shoes for me to try.  Lots and lots of shoes.  All of them very ugly.  I finally had to tell them that “cuteness” was very high on my priority list, especially since I can run in anything with moderate to maximum cushiness.  I went over to the wall and started picking out shoes.  Sadly they only had one of the shoes in my size.  All the others were not stocked in my size at that store or any other store in utah, sigh.  So I tried on the pair of purple asics.  They were fine, they felt like shoes.  There were no fireworks or moment of AH.  So instead of dropping the 130 bucks I put a hold on the shoes and left.  I kind of felt bad for taking up so much of their time and then not buying anything.  But not bad enough to spend that kind of cash on a so so item.

My overall impression of completing #26 is that it’s helpful.  However, if you have a recording device and access to a treadmill, you can totally do it yourself without the added pressure to buy stuff.  I also have to note that SL Running Co. is a great “brick and mortar” option for buying running gear.  But if you know what you want and can wait a couple days, just buy it online, you’ll save tons of money.


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