Stinky Gym Clothes? You know you have some

Ok, anyone here have some gym clothes that are just gross?  Me, I do!  I know there has to be others out there with the same problem.  I love my tech shirts because they are great at wicking away sweat and they come in super cute colors, but holy moly do they stink.  This happens to some of my cotton blend workout shirts too. Even after washing in hot water, double soap, baking soda, sports wash, and dawn dish soap, still stinky!  You name it, I’ve tried it.  Just when I thought I was going have to smell like a homeless man forever…a miracle happened!

Hydrogen Peroxide!!

There it was sitting in my medicine cabinet when I thought, “hey, couldn’t hurt to try”.  At first I was worried it might discolor my shirts, but I was so fed up I was going to toss the shirts anyway if it didn’t work.  So I had nothing to lose.  I picked out a couple of my worst smelling shirts, turned them inside out, sprayed them down with hydrogen peroxide and let them sit for about 20-30 minutes and then laundered them with the rest of my clothes.  When I heard that the washer was done, I slowly crept towards it and opened the lid.  I started putting the clothes in the dryer.  Then, I came across my cute pink stink shirt.  Moment of truth.  I smelled it…and nothing!!  No stink!!  I thought that maybe it was a fluke.  But I found my other shirt and low and behold, no stink!  Also, the shirts had zero discoloring.  This was the greatest day ever :).

The easiest way I find to treat my exercise shirts is to keep an opaque spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide right by my hamper.  After I’m done working out, I strip off the garment so it’s inside out, give it a good spray, and toss it in the hamper.  I even let some of the shirts sit for a few days and they still come out smelling clean.

I hope that this will help others out there who thought smelly gym clothes were just something they had to live with :).


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