Countdown to Marathon

This marathon is starting to taker over the majority of my wandering thoughts. I could be buying bacon at the grocery store and all of a sudden find myself day dreaming about what mile 20 will feel like. Then the next thing you know, I’m in line to buy my groceries and realize the darn bacon never made it into the basket.

Besides the absent mindedness, the running is definitely starting to drain my energy.  I’m almost done with the dreadfully long training runs, but the recovery isn’t getting any shorter. Yesterday I had a 22 miler on the schedule. It didn’t seem quite as daunting as the last 20 miler, but still, that’s a looooong run. I was totally bummed that the roads were icy and wet and there were lots of puddles. I decided to run half outside and half on the treadmill just to beak it up. I’m so glad I made that choice because by the time I got back from almost 2 hours outside, my face was about to fall off. It was only 28 degrees outside! I took a quick break to change clothes, hydrate, eat some sugars, and I was on the mill. Viewing choice of the day, Princess Diaries. Don’t judge me ;).

The first several miles on the treadmill were pretty good, but I was getting slower the more miles went by. I started really struggling at about mile 19. There was definitely more walking than running at that point. But, somehow I managed to pump out the last 3 miles. It was encouraging to know that the last time I ran 20 miles I was dying at mile 16 and this time I made it a few miles further before the meltdown began.

Today my left ankle is super sore and I’m really fatigued. I had a rough time sleeping because my legs were super achy. It also didn’t help having a husband with a sinus cold, daughter with troubled dreams, and a dog in my bed last night. So today I’m taking a personal day. It’s just me, the couch, Netflix, and the iPad.

Happy Monday everyone!

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