4 weeks until Disney Marathon!

Ah! I only have 4 weeks until I’ll be running the Disney Marathon!  Today I looked over the course map for the millionth time and it actually felt real.  Like I am actually going to be running 26.2 miles around Disney World!  Here’s the map if you are curious.  

I also found out I’m in corral C.  They have Elite, and then A-H corrals.  The bib #’s go all the way up to 15430!  That is a lot of runners.  

I’ve been trying to decide if I have a goal time for this race.  I’m thinking that as long as I cross the finish line I’ll be happy.  I just don’t know how crowds, water/food stations, bathroom breaks, and photo ops will affect my time.  So I think it’s probably best to go without a timed goal.  I mean, if they have Jack Sparrow taking pics on the side of the road, of course I’m going to stop! 🙂



One thought on “4 weeks until Disney Marathon!

  1. That is one long red line, but running through the different parks is going to be awesome. Definitely excited to see pics and hear how it goes!

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