Another Marathon Update

The marathon is now 2 weeks away!  I’m in the taper phase of my running schedule and so relieved.  Last Sunday I ran 24 miles.  That just sounds ridiculous!  The weather has not been my friend either.  It of course snowed and I attempted to run outside, but after 1.5 miles of slipping, sliding, and swearing to myself I gave up and ran the rest on a treadmill.  That was my last loooong run before the race!  So funny how today, a week later, my plan has me running 12 miles and I thought, woohoo that’s not bad.  My perspective had definitely changed, I have lost my sanity.

A happy note, my plantar fasciitis is getting better. Not totally great yet, but getting better,  The sad thing is, the inside of my left ankle (same side as my PF) is getting something not so good.  I don’t even know how to explain it either!  It doesn’t exactly hurt, it’s uncomfortable, tight, and just feels overused.  I’m now wearing an ankle support when I run and it helps to alleviate the symptoms.  I will definitely be taking some time off and doing low impact fitness to heal after the marathon.  I am almost an old lady ya know 🙂


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