Disney Marathon After Party Antics








Sorry this update has taken me forever!  This is a little post on the Disney Marathon After Party and some fun we had that evening.  

After nap, some anti inflammatories, and a shower, it was party time!

Please ignore the veins in my forehead :).  I suppose some people have popping veins in their arms after a hard workout.  Apparently I have them in my head, go figure.ImageArriving at Downtown Disney.  If you wore your medal you could get exclusive discounts at tons of eateries.  We went to our favorite Wolfgang Puck Express, yum.  But had I known that the discount was 30% off for Wolfgang Puck Cafe just down the road I would have gone there, it’s fantastic.  The weird thing was I could hardly eat!  I just ran forever and now my stomach just couldn’t handle food.  Of course the next day was a completely different story 🙂ImageI had to take a picture of this adorable window display.  Minnie dressed as Alice, love it!  ImageIt was such a lovely night.  Makes me long for summer!ImageVal had to have an ice cream from Ghirardelli.  Oh man, look at that creamy deliciousness.ImageThere were some fun places to take pictures.  This is me on the outside…ImageThis is me on the inside!ImageI loved this sign!  It was a total party at Downtown Disney.  Live music, dancing, food, shopping, tons of fun.ImageAnother fun place for photos.  There were too many people watching me, so I had to take a normal pic.  No inner weirdo for this one.ImageHow awesome is this guy!?  He had some mad chalk skills.ImageAfter playing around Downtown we headed to the Magic Kingdom for some late night fun!  I’m so sad this one is blurry.  I forgot the regular camera that night.  There was hardly anyone out at the Magic Kingdom for the Extra Magic Hours, it was awesome! ImageHmmm, it’s 11pm and I’m finally getting hungry.  French fries, pickles, and tomatoes sounds delicious!  I blame it on all the sweating.Image

One last medal pic before we call it a night.  Crazy how I was able to take a picture with the castle at sunrise and then again that night when the sun had gone down.Image

This concludes the Marathon portion of our show!  


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