#18 Try Zumba

The item I chose to check off my 30 before 30 list yesterday was #18, Try Zumba!  Let me just say that it was nothing at all what I expected.

I decide to do Body Pump before Zumba since they were back to back and I was feeling particularly motived.  So as I’m putting away my Body Pump gear I look over and tons of people just start pouring into the studio.  Ok, Zumba is popular, good sign.  I picked the second to the back row, it seemed safe enough.  There were probably 50-60 people there!

The instructor gets up on the elevated platform thing and the music starts.  OMG everyone starts getting their groove on to this choreographed dance!  It was simple enough but I was still surprised.  Lots of people were also wooing and whistling and really getting into it.  Out of comfort zone, check.

Now lets talk about the demographic.  There were lots of retired aged ladies and gentlemen, younger women, teens (male and female), and plenty of middle agers as well.  It was so diverse, awesome!

The thing that I couldn’t get over were the type of moves in all the dances.  I guess I should have expected it to be very salsa like, but the booty shaking I was not prepared for.  I also could not believe how much rhythm some of these people had.  The 65 year old grandmas were completely awesome.  I was totally out of my league.  My butt just doesn’t do the things they were telling me to do apparently.

Overall opinion of Zumba, it was fun to try.  Will I be returning?  Not anytime soon :).  Was it a good workout? Not really for me.  I am too inhibited to really let my inner salsa girl loose in a big crowd.  But I can now check that off my list and say that I at least tried!


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