#11 Grind Wheat & Make Bread

I checked #11 off my list the other day.  I’m getting close to the big 3-0 so I better make a plan of attack so I can make sure all my items get done!  I think I may try #6 (donate blood) and #30 (invent a new ice cream flavor) in the next few days.

Sunday was cold and snowy, perfect day to spend in the kitchen.  I’ve been looking at the wheat grinder my mother in law gave me for a couple of years now.  I guess I was waiting for it to come alive and make me some bread :).  But alas, it never did, so I suppose I better chop to it.

Here it is all shiny and new.


And here’s my big ol’ bucket of wheat.


Hmmmm, so that’s what wheat looks like.  I can’t be the only person who hasn’t ever seen actual wheat up close before, right?


The process of grinding wheat was super easy.  Now I feel dumb for never doing it before.  You pretty much just plugged in the machine, filled it up, and turned it on.  Then after a great deal of noise…ta da, wheat flour!


I decided to try out my favorite artisan bread recipe with the flour.  Here it is rising 🙂


And here is the final product.  Crusty whole wheat bread.  This one did end a bit more dense than I like so I’ll have to play around with the recipe, but it was pretty tasty.


#11, check!


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