Happy Valentine’s Day! or Happy Chocolate Day!

I thought I’d write a little Happy Valentine’s Day post today.  Honestly, I love Valentine’s Day.  Not for the lovey dovey aspect, but for the chocolate aspect.  Chocolate and I go way back, it’s my favorite thing to eat out of all foods.  I particularly have an affinity for See’s but even a Hershey bar will make my heart beat with joy :).  

So the only thing about my lover Chocolate is that he contains a dreadful amount of fat and calories.  I suppose it’s a good thing I like to run.  One mile equals one chocolate you know.  Ugh, that is depressing…scratch that last…ignore I said that.  I don’t know how to control myself with chocolate either.  It’s all or nothing!  I can’t keep my favorite types of chocolate in the house or else I find my self eating a can of green beans and half a dozen pieces for lunch and dinner.  But since today is officially Chocolate Day…here’s my my dear friend Chocolate.  May we have many more happy times together.

What is your favorite type of Valentine candy?


One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day! or Happy Chocolate Day!

  1. Oh Sees… Be still my beating heart!!!!!
    Beverly, strawberry creme, and milk butter chew… I may start drooling 🙂
    Happy Valentines Day!!

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