#29 Start a new family tradition

#29 has been haunting me for almost a year now.  I wanted to start something that I knew I could keep up and that wouldn’t get boring.  Then one day I was volunteering in my daughter’s class and realized a simple thing I could do with her…take her to lunch.  I also had the epiphany that I could do this with my hubby as well and possibly all of us together sometimes.  I know it sounds so “everyday”, but we really don’t eat out often and when we do it’s dinner.  But I think what will make this tradition the most memorable for my girly is that she gets to leave school and go to lunch with mom &/or dad.  I plan on doing this once a month on Tuesday since that is when I volunteer.  Easy peasy and I get more one on one time with my fam.

Today was the start of this tradition.  I hadn’t discussed this new anything with Val.  I though it would be more fun if it was a surprise.  So after I finished all my work and the kids were getting ready to go to lunch I asked her if she would like to go out for lunch and come back after recess.  She was so excited.  I’ve never taken her out of school in the middle of the day for anything except doctor/dental appointments so she was stoked.  Val wanted to go to Wendy’s, and lucky for me there is a Subway in the same lot so I could get a $5 footlong (I was starving!).  We sat and  lunched and chatted, it was so nice.  I told her that I’d like to take her out once a month and that Dad would join us when he was available.  It was like I gave her a puppy :).  I’m so glad she is going to like our new family tradition.

#29 Check

Before I finish though I have to give Valie a shout out.  She is doing so well in school I’m beyond proud of her.  She has earned straight A’s all year, reads at a 5th grade level, and is just the best daughter I could have ever hoped for.  Love her to pieces!  If she ever reads this though she will probably be totally embarrassed, so let’s just keep it between us :).


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