Today’s the Day! Goodbye 29, Hello 30!

Being the OCD nut I am, I have been preparing myself for this day for the last 2 years.  I didn’t want to spend my 30th birthday feeling depressed or old, because today is my birthday and a time when I can do whatever I please :).  Usually that entails shopping and eating chocolate…simultaneously.  But today I am actually going with a different route.  Running lots  and then celebrating with family.  Oh and eating lots of delicious things since today is my birthday and I can if I want.

I was going to post my adventures of 30 before 30 all this past week but I was just so darn busy.  OCD me says that’s no excuse, but the “it’s my birthday week and I’ll do what I please” me, says it’s cool, it will get posted next week.  So don’t give up on me I do have loads of posts in my brain just waiting to pop out onto wordpress!  But I’m not gonna lie there are a couple that still need a little work.  Harry Potter, Pride & Prejudice, and the family pics will get done! But, um, the left and right splits…that might not happen…ever.  

Well, Happy UnBirthday to you all!  I promise to eat a cupcake, brownie, and lemon bar for ya 😉


8 thoughts on “Today’s the Day! Goodbye 29, Hello 30!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Turning 30 is indeed something to celebrate rather than be sad about and I love your perspective on it.
    Enjoy your birthday week!!!

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