#20 Have Daughter Give Me 5 Guitar Lessons

Learning a musical instrument has always been something I wanted to do.  So why not now?  Let’s give this a go!

Valerie has been giving me guitar lessons here and there for the past couple of months and I’ve learned the first 3 strings, reading the music, playing simple songs (very slowly :)), and realized how much work learning an instrument is.  Valerie took lessons for a year before her teacher went back to college and we’ve just never found her a new teacher.  I was hoping this challenge may spark her interest in the guitar again.  I’m not quite sure if that happened because apparently I’m a difficult student.  I make way too many side comments, don’t concentrate, and I sing while I play (which bugs Val to death).  I do think she realized how difficult it can be to be a teacher though.

I probably should have practiced in between lessons if I really wanted to make progress.  But that didn’t happen :).  Funny, because when Val was taking lessons I was always begging her to practice.  Now she was begging me, haha.  Love how the shoe was on the other foot this time around.  So basically I think we both learned more about how it is to have our roles swapped more so than anything about the guitar, which isn’t a bad thing.

Here we are!  Val is trying to be patient with me as I slooooowly try to read the notes to Rockin Robin.  And yes that is a kiddie guitar and I’m borrowing Val’s sweatshirt in this photo :).  Do you also like our little groupie there in the middle?   Little guy never missed a lesson.  I guess he didn’t mind my off key plucking.




And here’s my crazy tyrant of a teacher.  Gotta love her.


More recaps to come!!



4 thoughts on “#20 Have Daughter Give Me 5 Guitar Lessons

  1. Fun! One time at the Cabin, Valie taught me how to play one cord. It was fun but hard at the same time. Did you get a video of you playing “Rockin Robin”?!

  2. I can just see you being a rock star! Keep at it and one day I can say “I knew her when.” To bad Ke$ha stole the whole glitter bombing thing, because that should be your thing.

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