Cruise Countdown & Beach Body Challenge!

Ok, I just mentioned in the last post that I’m going on a little cruise next month.  39 days to be exact.  I’m super excited and of course I’m trying to tone up and slim down for it.  I think lots of women out there can relate to wanting to lose the jiggle before going on vacation, so I thought I’d post about strategies I use when trying to get ready for a vacation that I know will involve swimwear :).  I’m going to post all kinds of exercise related info, tips, and challenges. So feel free to join me in the Beach Body Challenge!

Challenge #1, changing up the workouts.

I get in exercise ruts.  I find myself running the same 3-4 miles, at the same pace, same incline, same route, boring!  It is time to change it up!!  In the past month I’ve been attempting to try new things.  I torture the hubs by making him do Insanity and P90x videos with me about 2 days a week.  I do feel less jiggly, so something must be working.  But we’ve been on the same videos for a while now and I think we need a change.  So, today is the day.  Hubs doesn’t know it yet, but we’re about to do the Insanity Max videos, hehehe.  I’ll let ya know how that one goes over.

So my challenge for everyone this week is to change it up.  It doesn’t have to be big.  It could be to just park the car farther away, take the stairs, squeeze your booty at red lights, whatever!  Change is great.  Your body knows routine and gets used to it.  I know mine does. Fat cells are smart!  You have to trick them into burning the storage.  So here’s to a week of confusing the fat!

What will you do this week to change it up??


2 thoughts on “Cruise Countdown & Beach Body Challenge!

  1. I did Zumba Tone for the first time in ages tonight, which constitutes my strength training right now, but I plan to alternate my Thursday sessions with spinning and kettlebells. I will trick my fat cells!

    Love the cruise idea!

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