30th Birthday Citrus Party

I have to share some pics from the party my Mom threw for me.  The theme was Citrus and it turned out super cute.  I love to style parties and pretty much everything.  So thanks Mom for putting up with this Birthday Girl’s demands, love you!

Here is the dessert table!  Isn’t it adorable?!  I loved how it turned out.

ImageYummy, orange brownies.  Dessert is my favorite food group.  Oh yeah, I forget, it’s not a food group….sigh.  But it sure is cute and fun!ImageMy favorite thing at the party.  Pink Lemonade cupcakes!!  I don’t usually eat desserts for more than a couple days after an event.  I like to freeze them or give them away.  But these little babies…yeah…I ate them all.ImageAdorable fruit.  This is the healthy alternative 🙂Image

I love the colors and freshness of citrus, so spring like.Image

No party is complete without a candy buffet.  Ooo wait, I take back desserts being my favorite food group.  Candy IS my favorite food group!!  I guess it’s a dessert too, but better.  Candy is portable, colorful, happiness, rolled into little sugar filled nuggets.  ImageImageImage

Lemonade Stand!  I think we had every form of citrus flavor available for mixing.  I loved the orange cream soda with a splash of orange vitamin water, very tasty.ImageImage

The food was all citrus themed as well.  So delicious.  I wish I could have a lemon tree!Image

Gotta love a good party!!


6 thoughts on “30th Birthday Citrus Party

  1. Love this post!!!!! Candy and Desserts are definetly a food group, nay, the most important food group 🙂
    Your citrus themed party was a great expression of your personality: bright, sweet, refreshing, surprising, and wonderful!!! The pink lemonade cupcake were legendary!!

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