Confessions of the Bottomless Pit

So I am doing great at my “Changing it Up” challenge for the week.  My workouts have all been different from the norm and definitely more intense.  This however has caused what I call, “The Bottomless Pit” effect.  This morning I ran a leisurely 5k with my little sugar muffin Val…

Here we are at the start.  Trying not to freeze our booties off.  It was only 27 degrees!  I am not a fan of “Spring” in Utah.


This is after the race.  Finally warm and enjoying some chocolate milk.  This race would have been so great a week ago.  But since it decided to snow, it was cold, slippery, muddy, yucky.  There was also lots of duck doo since it was at a farm, ewww.  But at least we got our exercise.


Val and her cousin Ash, chilling at the finish line.



After we got home I decided to torch a few more calories on the treadmill by running another 5k.  This one was much more enjoyable since there was no animal poop to worry about.  I was feeling all good about my workout efforts and thought shopping would be an excellent reward.  Before I hop in the shower I eat some fruit and a granola bar.  My mom comes to pick us up and I was hungry before we even started shopping so I had to get a chicken sandwich.  Then after a couple hours I was starving again. “Ooo I have a coupon for $1 cheese pizza at Sbarro!” Pizza it is!  A couple more hours of shopping and lots of sour patch kids later, I have to go home.  My legs are so tired and I’m hungry…again.  So I’m at home, I have crackers, some clementines, a giant mug of herbal tea, a brownie, and 3/4 of a cupcake!  Someone shoot me now!  The only reason I didn’t finish the whole cupcake was because I finally came to my senses and tossed it.  Well, I’d like to say it ended there, but it didn’t.  I go to the local ice cream joint with the family and order a big basket of fries.  My hubs and Val get a ginormous sundae (seriously it should be outlawed).  So I eat fries and pick at some of the ice cream.  The whole time I’m thinking, why am I not full!  I get home and decide maybe I need vegetables.  I munch some baby carrots, and a whole wheat roll.  What is my deal?!! I drink a big glass of water and finally I think I’m starting to feel full…maybe.  I just need to brush my teeth and go to bed.  This day needs to end before I eat anything else.

Have you ever had a day like this?  I didn’t even post all my consumptions!  Because it was a little this here and little this there and it would take all night to remember it all.  So as good as I have been at burning lots of calories everyday, I have also been eating waaaay too many.  I need a plan of attack.  A plan to attack “Bottomless Pit Girl”.  The plan starts with getting out the food tracker, again, and writing foods down before I eat them.  Next, more water, more veggies, more lean protein.  I know sugar is my kryptonite.  I fully know this, but I have to have a little everyday or I’d shrivel up and die :).  Sugar just needs to be portion controlled (boo!).

That’s my plan and I will implement it and get back to you on how it turns out.  In the meantime, I will be resting my legs so I can run as far as possible tomorrow, in order to burn off my indiscretions.



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