Beach Bod Update

Last week I chose the challenge of drinking a glass of water before all meals and snacks.  The verdict on this challenge.  I used to potty a LOT!  I was full quicker, which is the whole point, but sometimes it was hard remembering to drink.  I graze way too much during the day and every time I found myself reaching for a little snack I had to think about the water consumption as well.  A lot of the time I ended up just drinking the water and not eating the snack because I wasn’t really hungry, it was just habit.  So overall I think this was a pretty successful challenge.  I remembered to drink my water about 80% of the time and if I forgot, I made sure to down it as soon as I remembered.  

This week is starting off a little rocky for me so I’m not sure what to make this week’s challenge. I have been knocked out by a horrible stomach bug and have hardly left the bed  all day.  I was thinking of doing a fruit/veggie challenge.  However, all food sounds terrible right now.  I could not sleep last night at all and was goofing around online.  As soon as I saw food pictures on Pinterest I knew I wasn’t myself.  I cringed at fried chicken and chocolate cake!  Some alien invaded my body and took away all desire for food.  It’s too bad you can’t kick cravings so easily when you’re healthy!

I suppose I will just take the challenge of “rest” for this week.  Get 8 hours of sleep a night.  Easier said than done.  I struggle with this all the time.  I find myself cleaning up late at night or watching tv, when I should just develop a better routine and go to sleep.  So that’s what I will work on this week and hopefully it will help me banish this bug from my system.  


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