The Naughty Box

This week I decided that my diet needed an overhaul.  Isn’t that the hardest part of living a healthy lifestyle?  It is for me.  I like veggies and fruits and whole grains but I don’t always reach for them.  The candy, chips, crackers, and ice cream are always trying to seduce me! Look at them in this pic.  There they are all colorful, sparkly, and delicious.  UGH!  That is why they are now in this giant treasure box.  I took all the candy, cookies, chips, and anything else tempting and put it in The Naughty Box.  The rule is that Hubby and I can only have one small serving of something out of the box a day.  ImageImageThe box is exploding as you can see, so I took a big bag of candy and put it up on the highest shelf in the back of the pantry so it cannot be reached without a ladder :).  The Naughty Box closes now and is latched.  I actually did not even eat my treat yesterday!  I decided to make my favorite Fake Shake instead. You can find the recipe here:

I’m challenging myself to “Think Before I Eat” this week.  Lots of times I find myself mindlessly reaching for a piece of chocolate or handful of crackers just because it’s there.  Well, now it’s not there and have to be conscience of my choices.  Who knows, maybe I will start mindlessly eating oranges instead.  I doubt it, but it could happen.


5 thoughts on “The Naughty Box

  1. Great idea there! I have a hard time passing up sweets too. I ended up just throwing all mine in the garbage as soon as easter was over with so I wouldn’t be tempted!!! LOL Yes, I had regrets but I’m glad it is out of my house now!

    • Candy is my total kryptonite! I have a hard time tossing it out, but I do donate it to my daughters class all the time. I love to see their faces when I come in with a big bag of goodies, brownie points 🙂

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