Sugar Demon

It’s 10:20pm.  I’ve had my evening treat already.  But…I really really want to open a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs!  I know, I know.  They are like crack.  Delicious chocolatey, creamy, crack.  I need to get a grip.  So that’s why I’m blogging.  The Sugar Demon that lives inside of me is not going to win tonight.  I’m breathing and not diving head first into those cute little pastel eggs.

This time next week I will be on a cruise, wearing swimsuits and summery clothes and I don’t need those mini eggs coming back to bite me in the butt…literally.  Oh man.  I should go brush and floss my teeth, that usually helps.  Yup, that’s what I’m going to do.

Thanks for listening blog world!


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