Ready To Go On A Disney Cruise?!!

I am so excited to share this trip report with everyone!  We had a spectacular time aboard the Disney Magic.  The cruise left out of Galveston, Texas and was an 8 night Bahama venture.  We jumped on this cruise because Disney offered a promo where kids can sail free.  Sweetness!  Plus this cruise went to Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island) and Disney World!  How cool is that?

Here I am with my cutie patootie.  On the plane ready to go. Yes those are M&M’s at 6am, don’t judge me. I stayed up pretty much all night getting everything ready to go.  So really this was just an afternoon pick me up, right?  I was mostly packed but I still had to get all the last minute details taken care of.  My week was completely busy so I knew an all nighter was in store for me.  Totally worth it though.

And yes, we are already bronzed.  Thank you Mystic spray tan.  ImageWe flew into Houston Bush Airport (IAH).  It was much cheaper and had perfect flight times for our trip.  We ended up paying only $270 per person round trip on United, verses $554 and having to stay over night in a hotel if we had flown into Houston Hobby.  Crazy!  

We took Super Shuttle from the airport and they dropped us off right at the port.  Here’s Val getting ready to enter the cruise terminal.  You give your luggage to Disney at the curb and they make sure it gets to your stateroom.  So nice not to have to drag it along.Image

This is Val and Ashley, her cousin.  So excited to get on the ship!ImageAfter you go through security, you then check in.  This was our second Disney cruise so we were now officially in the Castaway Club.  We got some fun lanyards and our “Key to the World” cards.  At check in you can also ask if there are any upgrades you can pay for.  Many times you can get a better room for a big discount by asking at port check in.  Alas, our ship was fully booked, so no upgrades for us.  ImageThis is a shot out of the window when you are right about to walk on to the boat.ImageI was so excited that this was the last pic I took until we go to our room.  I wish I would have taken a few snap shots as we got on the boat because Disney asks for your family name and then announces you as you enter the ship.  So cute, completely Disney.ImageWe zipped down to check out our room and drop off our purses.  We stayed in a Deluxe Inside room.  It’s a little larger than some inside rooms.  Perfect for our family of 3.  The prices on rooms increase dramatically for an ocean view.  For us, it really isn’t important.  Plus, the rooms are the same size.  ImageWhose hungry?  This was our first meal on the ship.  We hopped over to Topsiders, the buffet that is open most of the day.  This is my lunch plate.  As you can see, I was trying to make healthy choices.  Not as hard as I thought it would be.  My plan was to steer clear of pasta, potatoes, rice, and other refined carbs.  Dessert is a different story.  Dessert is it’s own food group and must be consumed at every meal.ImageAfter lunch it was time for our muster drill.  Every stateroom has a meeting place where they go over some emergency stuff and then sound the alarm.  Our meeting place was in Animators Palate.  The drill is not very exciting, but it’s required.

We took a pic and then eves dropped on some conversations.  There was a couple next to us who already had 4 other Disney cruises booked and this was their 6th!  I guess if I lived close to a port I’d take more cruises too.ImageAfter the drill, Val was dying to put on her swimsuit and swim.  Unfortunately the Goofy pool was closed for the Sail Away Party.  But we still had lots of fun dancing on the top deck and watching the land drift away as we set sail.ImageOur first ice cream break of the trip…there would be many.  Self serve ice cream is included on the cruise all day every day.  So are sodas, hot chocolate coffee, and tea.  So dangerous, but delicious.ImageYeah that’s my husband over there.  I think he’s excited to leave work behind, eat gourmet meals, and not have to do Insanity workouts.ImageWe explored the ship for a bit and then got ready for dinner.  We had late dining, 8:15pm.  Our first night’s dinner was in Animator’s Palate.  ImageShirley Temple and cute nails! ImageI think Val is eating asparagus soup here.  ImageHubby got the mushroom risotto.  I tasted this, it was really good.ImageMy smoked salmon and trout salad.  Very light and delicious.ImageVal’s Turkey Pancetta Alfredo.  Tasted this too, very rich and dang good.ImageMy salmon and spinach stuffed in puff pastry.  I ate the salmon and veggies and left the pastry and potatoes.  Didn’t mind at all, totally delicious without those extra calories.ImageHubby’s prime rib.  Looked good.  I think he liked it since it was gone quickly 🙂ImageMy favorite dessert of the trip!  Lemon soufflé.  This was so good I pretty much licked the plate clean.  Our server brought me another one to take to Cam since he had to leave dinner early (slight illness, only lasted the evening).ImageI also got fruit and cookies, so yummy.  I think I ate my weight in pineapple on this trip.ImageLater that night Valerie begged us to go watch Mary Poppins on the Funnel Screen (giant screen by the pool).  I was exhausted from being wake for 40 hours, but I do love Mary Poppins, so we went.  Val fell asleep by the time supercalifragilisticexpialidocious came on, so we carried her back to the room and literally crashed.ImageStay tuned for more installments of our Disney cruise adventure!!


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