Disney Cruise Day 2

Our first full day at sea!  Time to relax?  Heck no!  I’m like a kindergartner on caffeine.  I was so excited to play.  Well, first I have to admit our timing mishap.  Dear hubby thought the note in our room said to turn the clocks forward and hour that night, really it said the next night.  So we were up and ready to go an hour before we had to be.  So what did I do with the hour before our scheduled breakfast?  Torched some cals at the gym.  The gym was HOT!  And pretty crowded.  The treadmill was the only option so I jumped on and took off.  4 miles later I was a sweaty mess. It looked like I had gone for swim instead of a run, gross.  I zipped down to the room and took a cold shower and put on fresh workout gear (Val wanted to go running on the deck after breakfast).  I roused the fam from their slumber, again, and off to breakfast we went.

We had a character breakfast at Parrot Cay.  I ordered egg whites and bacon.  Yeah you read that right.  The egg whites were yucky, but the bacon was fab.  Can’t go wrong with bacon.  So basically I had herbal tea and bacon for breakfast, oh and a little fruit.


Cameron got a Hawaiian inspired breakfast.  He enjoyed it, but could have eaten another plate of it.  The portions were a bit small for his liking.  I didn’t get a picture of Valie’s breakfast before she was munching away.  She had bacon, pancakes, and eggs.  All yummy.


Character photos were a challenge.  You are only allowed 2 photos per character and getting everyone looking at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible.  Not to mention Valie and Ashley aren’t really morning kids and looked zombiefied  in most of the pics.  But here is one where they look cute.  Only Ashley is looking at the camera, but it’s still fun.


Well the girls are looking at the camera in this one.  I guess Dale didn’t get the memo.  The characters that came around were Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, and Dale.  I don’t know where Donald was, probably chasing cute girls up on deck 10.


So after breakfast I took Valerie and Ashley out for a run on Deck 4.  It was a lovely day for running.  We had a plan of only walking the middle section of the port and starboard sides of the boat.  It workout out pretty good.  We got 3 miles in, which was excellent practice for the Castaway Cay 5k we had coming up.

After running, the pool was calling our name.  We quickly changed and headed off to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Cuties!  The girls had a waterproof camera that kept them throughly entertained in the pool.  My only wish for the Disney ships however, is that they had another pool or two.  I know it’s an impossible feat. But those little pools are just so crowded.  Thankfully they only wanted to swim for an hour or so.  If one more kid kicked me in the bum or shot me with a water gun, I think I would have committed a crime, haha just kidding…I think 🙂


I think it had been a couple hours since breakfast so of course we had to get ice cream…and pizza…and chicken fingers.  Hey we’re on a cruise, it’s a floating buffet!

But we had to eat quickly because it was almost origami time!  I took the kiddies to fold origami flowers.  I love indoor daytime activities on the Disney ship.  They are always nice and quiet, peaceful, and a great break from screaming monsters at the Goofy pool.


After origami I ran the girls down to the stateroom to do their hair.  We had almost an hour to kill before princess crafts and it was formal night, so they had to be dolled up.

Aren’t they cute in their princess buns, doing princess crafts!?


The finished product!


By now I needed to start getting ready for formal night, so I sent Cam to take the kids to a Disney tune trivia thingy.  I didn’t even get a pic of my cute sparkly dress dang it.  Oh well, at least I got one of my lovies.

We went to the show Twice Charmed that night.  A very cute twist on the classic Cinderella story. Definitely one of my favorite shows of the cruise.

Right after that we caught the game So You Think You Know Your Family.  I love love love all the game show type activities they have in the evenings.  I never want to be chosen for this game however.  They almost always ask at least one very embarrassing question.


Time for dinner!  We were at Parrot Cay, same as breakfast.  But this time no gross egg whites.  Instead I had herbed goat cheese, tomato, cucumber, and greens.  Very tasty.  No idea what the others had for appetizers 🙂 I was eating my cheese, leave me alone!


Val had a delicious turkey dinner.  If you’ll notice, she has pretty grown up taste buds and an appetite.  I think one of her legs is hollow.


I had the turbot, I think.  The name of the fish was very unusual, but it was good.  Cameron had something…he was not within photo range that night so I didn’t get pictures of his food.


For dessert it was strawberry and cream cake.  It was ok, nothing to write home about.  I should have gone with the Mickey head ice cream, darn.


No idea what’s going on with the crazy face here.  Haha, and Ashely totally bunny eared and photo bombed this shot! Love it.

Val’s sundae was delish.  In fact all the ice cream on the ship was top notch.


Last pic of the night.  Superstar!


I hope they were exhausted after this day, I know I sure was.


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