Disney Cruise Day 3

Day 3 of the cruise a much more relaxed than the previous day.  I think my family slept until noon.  I headed off to the gym while they were asleep and ran and ran and ran.  I know I said I was going to use other equipment other than the treadmill, but I really hated the elliptical.  So I ran 6.5 miles with lots of sprints.  I had a good nights sleep and was feeling quite spry :), or maybe I was just still just super excited to be on a Disney cruise.  Either way it was doing wonders for my energy levels.

I was observing the boot camp class while I was on the mill and it was quite entertaining.  I wanted to do the bootcamp, but I’m cheap and didn’t want to pay the $33 per 30 minute class.  If you signed up for the whole cruise it was only $120, but still, I knew I could burn my calories on my own.  I was keeping a 9 minute mile pace and played with sprints depending on how much I liked the song playing on my iPod.  I ended up keeping an overall pace of 8:30ish.  I was super happy with that.  I think being at sea level did wonders for my speed.  After running I also did some push ups, burpees, planks, and other various strength exercise until I was so hungry I found myself chewing on my towel, gross.

Whoever had to see me as a sweat puddle, I apologize, it was not pretty.

Lunch Time!!  I adore Goofy’s Galley.  It is a little counter service place on deck 9 that serves fresh fruits, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and paninis.  So fresh and healthy.  I got a big plate of fruit and a few wraps.  Not pictured, the giant ice cream I inhaled while picking out my lunch.


Cameron and Valerie were up now and joined me for lunch.  Here’s Cam’s tacos.  I had several bites of these, very good.  The meat had cumin flavor, yum.


And my cutie was having pizza of course.  I love that they cut the pizza small and the sandwiches small.  It keeps you from overeating and you can try a variety of things.


Finally I’m showered!  By now it was late afternoon.  The time passes way too quickly on a cruise.  We went to another origami class (frogs) and wandered around the ship.


The show that night was a hypnotist.  None of us are big fans of hypnosis so we skipped it.  But we couldn’t miss Who Wants To Be A Mouseketeer!  It’s a game show modeled after Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  They give you a number and then have a lottery to see who gets to go up.  I thought for sure they would call my number, it was my age and everything!  But alas, no dice.


By now it was dinner time.  This was my fave appetizer of the trip.  Chicken satay with blue cheese dressing.  The blue cheese was so chunky and rich, so good.


Cam got ahi tuna.  He loves raw fish so this was right up his alley.

Val got fruit.  It looked like all the other fruit so I didn’t take a pic.


I had fish, again.  Don’t be surprised if I have fish every night.  I don’t remember what kind of fish this was, grouper maybe.  Any how it was delicious.  Look at those shrimp and that creamy sauce…drooling.


Val had steak, ribeye I think.  She said it was a bit fatty for liking, but she ate all the meat she could get at.  I’m trying to remember what the hubs had, lamb maybe?  He always dove into his food before I could take a picture!


This is my dessert.  I only remember the ice cream, coconut pineapple, so tasty.  I honestly can’t remember the cake.  I should have just asked for a bowl full of the ice cream.


Miss Valie figured out that the Sweet Temptions meant you got 3 desserts this night.  She liked the chocolate thing on the right and the little meringue cutie.  I think the one in the middle was a bland cheesecake.


Cam got some sort of tropical pudding thing a ma bob.  He wished he would have just had a bowl of my ice cream as well.


After dinner we tried to get picked for the Mouseketeer thing again, no luck dang it!  Oh well, it was time for bed.  Big big big day tomorrow!  Castaway Cay!!

Oh my goodness I can’t wait to tell you about it!


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