Disney Cruise Day 6…Pirate Night!

After completing 2 days in a row of marathon activities, today was a day to relax, woohoo!  I didn’t sleep until noon, but I did get a great nights sleep.  I snuck out of the room and left my snoring family so I could go workout.  I started on the elliptical.  It was not my friend.  I gave up after 15 minutes.  I programed it to my weight and age and had it on a difficult setting and I was burning far less calories than when I run.  Maybe the calculator was off, but it was enough to make me throw in the towel.  So I hopped on a treadmill.  It took me almost 3 miles to shake the elliptical “heaviness”.  I always feel like my legs are made of lead after using an elliptical, I know, I’m weird.  Anyway…I ended up running 7 miles.  I had to burn off all the calories I knew I was going to eat at the Pirate Party!

When I was done sweating to death, I went back to the room to find my family still sawing logs.  I showered and got ready and woke them up because I wanted to go play.  But before playing, lunch time.  I went up to deck 9 and got a chicken sandwich, minus the bun and minus the fries.  So basically just a seasoned chicken breast.  Then I went to the condiment station and got tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles.  I wrapped it up in lettuce and made my own wraps.  Super healthy and it was very tasty.Image

After lunch we checked out a comedic juggling show, very funny.  Ivan Pecel was on our last cruise and I loved him.  He is my favorite variety act that I’ve seen on Disney Cruise Line.

Ok time for some games.  Pirate Trivia!  Promenade Lounge is where we spent quite a bit of time on this cruise.ImageWe thought the trivia was going to Disney pirate related.  Ummm, no.  It was real pirate trivia and we were terrible.  Even with multiple choice, we bombed this quiz.  Oh well.

After trivia we did laundry (blah), and just lounged around the room, packed a bit and napped.    We were pretty worn out from the past two days so it was nice to just chill out.


After napping for a long time I roused the troops and got them dressed for Pirate Night.  We went to the show, Michael Harrison, a ventriloquist.  He was actually pretty funny.  Not as funny as Ivan, but still, I was entertained.

Next we went to Pirate’s Life For Me, a family gameshow where teams compete to see who is the best pirate.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was not a fan.  Maybe it was the annoying contestants, but I actually left.  I just couldn’t watch anymore.

Ok, Dinner Time!  Pineapple and coconut bananas, very tropical.Image

Val was so excited they had potstickers.  She could have just eaten a few plate of these and been happy.Image

But she did also get the jerk chicken.  Very adventurous of her.  She ate the whole thing, couldn’t believe it.ImageYeah, fish again.ImageThis was the highlight of the meal.  Peanut chicken satay!  The head server brought this out special for us and it was soooo good.  I was trying to eat light, but I had to have one of these, or 4 :).Image

Oh yeah, and he also brought out this rice, shrimp, and scallop dish.  How could I say no to that?  Pile it on baby I ran 7 miles and did a little elliptical today!Image

Val got the dessert trio again.  No real winner tonight according to her.  But they sure looked cute.Image

Cam and I were going to forgo dessert since they have a big buffet especially for the Pirate Party, but I got a Mickey ice cream right as I was leaving 🙂ImageTime to party!  Have I told you how much I love the Disney Pirate movies?  I do!  Love love love!  So this is heaven to me.  I have to say though, the actual show…was better on our last cruise.  When Mickey came out and saved the day on our Mexican Riviera trip the timing was perfect and Mickey was so wonderfully animated.  This time, I think the timing was off and Mickey seemed like he was afraid of heights.  But the fireworks were still amazing.

We danced and danced and danced until they started showing Pirates of the Caribbean on the Funnel screen.  It was a sweaty good time.Image

They had the buffet in Topsiders.  Different from the Disney Wonder where the buffet was out on deck 9.  It was more organized in Topsiders but it just didn’t seem as partyish having it there.  The food was really good though.  This pic is dark, but I got lots of desserts and a taco thingy.  ImageHere we are eating and watching Pirates.  But then…the heavens opened up and it poured!  Crazy.  It was dry and then within 10 seconds, sheets of rain.  We retreated to the covered areas to finish our food and then called it a night.

Eating that much food game me the weirdest dreams.  Zombie nuts!  Yeah, all the nuts (peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts) in the world became zombies.  I know.  I’ve lost it.  I’ll try not to eat my weight in food right before bed again.ImageEnd of day 6.  Next up Key West.  It was definitely something I’ll always remember.  Stay tuned!


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