Disney Cruise Day 7…Key West

Back to blogging about our Disney Cruise!  We had a morning stop in Key West.  It looked quite drizzly outside, but we ventured out.  When you get off the ship they put you on these trolleys that take you into the downtown area of Key West.  Here’s Val on the trolley as we go through the charming neighborhoods.


There are lots of touristy shops, lots.  This is a giant spongy statue, a little creepy 🙂  But I’m so glad I had someone take a group shot of us because it was the only one I would get from this afternoon.


We wandered around looking and did a little shopping.  It started to rain while we were getting some key lime fudge.  I didn’t want to hang out in the fudge shop forever so when the rain broke for a minute we zipped across the street to a little surf shop.


Little did we know we would be stuck in that surf shop for quite some time.  The rain just started to pour!  Seriously, buckets of rain just gushing down.  Look at these poor scooters!  Look at all that water!


The trolleys back to the ship were not moving where we were.  The water was way too deep for them to go anywhere.

I guess we should have brought our own kayak like these people.


Haha, look at all the people out taking pictures.

Um did you see my cute minty sneakers in the second pic?  Yeah those are brand new, ugh.

Only one thing to do.


Take off our shoes and socks and walk to higher ground.  Well, Val didn’t want to get the dirty water on her so daddy was her ride, lucky.


Hallelujah, we found higher ground where the trolleys could leave from and we left as quickly as possible.  Key West was crazy, but I guess we’ll never forget our little stop there, funny memories for later.

So we made it back to the boat and changed out of our wet clothes.  We were soaked.  It was semi formal night.  Here’s my hubs and Val all cute and dry.


And me with Val, also dry :).  So what should we do now???


Who Wants to be a Mouseketeer of course!  And guess what, they finally called one of our numbers!  I was super nervous, they had been asking some tough questions.  Disney was nice and asked “In what state is Disney World located?” as our first question.


Second question, totally random!  Who was the voice of Ratigan in the Great Mouse Detective?!  Seriously?!  If Valerie had not made me watch that like 50 times when she was 4 I would have never known.  Luckily, she did make me watch it so we got the answer right…Vincent Price.

Question 3.  Honestly I can’t remember.  I swear it was a song question.  Maybe which movie is the song Supercalifragilisticexpalidocious from?  Anyway we got it right.  Woohoo!

Question 4.  I’m so bad, I have memory loss.  We watched other contestants too so I’m mixing up which questions were their’s and which were ours.  Question 4 & 5 are always harder.  But apparently it was something random that I knew because we got it right.  It’s going to make me insane for the rest of the night now since I can’t remember!

Ok question 5 I do remember!  What Adventure land attraction was added to Disney World 2 months after it opened in Disneyland due to it’s popularity?  Since we still had our life lines I decided to use them.  I had a very large inkling about the correct answer, but I know from watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire that you never ever leave life lines on the table when it’s the last question.  So we did the 50/50 and then ask the audience.  The choices were, Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, the Jungle Cruise, the Tiki Room, or Pirates of the Caribbean?  Survey (Audience) says…Pirates of the Caribbean!  And that’s exactly what we chose, for the WIN!

And yes I took a photo while we waited for the audience to vote. The lighting is all crazy though since they are trying to make it look dramatic.


And here we are looking all kinds of cheesy with our host and trophy.  The trophy is a little clear Mickey head in Val’s hand so you can’t even see it.  But it is now sitting proudly on her dresser :).


Off to dinner!  A giant seafood salad please.


Fettuccine Alfredo for Val.


Tuna and a steak for Mr. Dawson.


Another dessert trio for Miss Valie.  Tonights winner, creme brûlée.


Cam and i both had the tropical sundaes.  We are both suckers for coconut, love that stuff.

After dinner we had a bit of time to kill before our big midnight plans (so exciting).  Since I hadn’t exercised that day I decide to go for a run out on deck 4.  I ran as many miles as I could in an hour.  Well, less than an hour since I had to be showered and dress and back to being a normal human in an hour.  I ended up doing 5.66 miles.  It was a beautiful night.  There was a ton of lightening off in the distance and every time I was on one side of the boat it would flash these giant lighten bolts, amazing.  I really wanted to round off my run to 6 miles but I was afraid of not making it too…


The midnight showing of Iron Man 3!!  Oh yeah, they did a midnight show on the boat, in the giant theatre, so cool.  No waiting in giant lines for an opening night like back home.  We had our own private showing out at sea, so spoiled.

After my run I buzzed back to the room and showered and put on my pj’s in record time.  Oh and I may have grabbed a bag of candy.

The movie was fantastic, loved it!  Val fell asleep about half way through and I held her in my arms for the whole second half.  She is getting so long.  But I want to hold her for as long as I can physically manage it, especially since I know the day is coming soon that I won’t be able to do it anymore :(.

I swear that I’m holding up a 3 in this photo, not a gang sign 🙂


I have one more day on the cruise and then one day in Texas left to blog about before this trip report is complete!


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