New Balance XC900 Review

By now I think most people should know that I LOVE a bargain.  If you didn’t, well, now you do :).  These are $75 shoes, on sale at right now for $59.99, I paid…$19.99! was having a crazy good 1-day sale and dropped several shoes to just twenty bucks.  So of course I had to get a pair.  And…they look just like my last pair.  What can I say, if it glows in the dark, I’m automatically attracted to it.  But this shoe is completely different from my nike lunars.

The XC900 have the little track grippers on them, they are minimalist, and ultra light.  When I pulled them out of the box they were not what I was expecting.  I thought they would have more cushion and not be as skinny.  Seriously, these shoes look super slim and tiny next to all my other shoes.  Since these were my “deal” shoes, I wasn’t disappointed.  If I had paid the retail, I would have sent them back asap.  But for the price, they were worth a try.

I first took them out for just a couple miles with Val.  The ground was wet but I felt really secure in these shoes.  The traction was great.  But, my feet were soaked in just a couple minutes.  Luckily I had running socks on, of course, so no blisters.  I didn’t want to run too far in these my first time out since these are minimalist shoes.  We walk/ran 2 miles and headed in before it started pouring rain.  Trial #1, successful.

My next run in these babies was on the treadmill, 4.5 miles.  Honestly I couldn’t even tell the difference between these and my nike lunars.  My feet felt good the whole time.  I was pleasantly surprised by this little skinny shoe.  Now, I don’t plan on running in these all the time.  These will be excellent 5-10k race shoes.  Since they are super light I think they will help me get some speedy times.

So if you’re thinking of trying a minimalist shoe or a light weight racer and are hesitant…it really isn’t that scary.  The shoe could surprise you.



2 thoughts on “New Balance XC900 Review

  1. Did the shoe fit as expected or did you need to order up a size. I’m finding all sorts of reviews that read from fit as expected to order a full size larger. Like you I found them on a site for fairly cheap but sending them back would cost shipping and wouldn’t be quite the deal

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