I need another 3 day weekend!

Do you ever wake up at the beginning of the week and feel like last week just kept on moving forward and you never got a break?  That’s exactly how I feel today, boo.  I think I may have taken on one too many projects/commitments the past few weeks.  I’m beat.  I was volunteering this morning at my daughters school and had to re-read 3rd grade math problems multiple times because my brain just would not work!  Val’s teacher probably wanted to fire me :).

So in between my usual craziness, I decided that the backyard was getting a complete makeover.  Every year I try to do at least something to improve it, but that is just going way too slow.  This is the year of the backyard!  I will post before and after pics in the weeks to come.  My plans include a giant deck, tearing out almost every plant/bush/tree older than my daughter, replanting low maintenance things, redesigning the perimeter of the yard, building a shed, painting the fence, tearing down the old covered patio (done!), a new play structure possibly, a new shade structure for the deck, and some fun new seating.  Wow, I hope I’m still standing after this.  Wish me luck!  I’ll need it.

As for the healthy train…I need to be checked into rehab.

Well, maybe I’m not that bad…yet.  I just can’t seem to stick to my allotment of sugar for the day.  I’ve been on what I call humming bird mode for quite awhile now.  It’s where I zip around from task to task and to keep my energy up I pop candies all day.  I also may or may not continue to eat those candies well after dinner time :).  I need to ban myself from buying any new treats to go into our box!  Ok blogosphere, hold me to that.  No new treats!!  

As for meals last week, they were good.  Asian week went over well.  The favorite was actually the chicken stir fry with my homemade sauce.  Tofu, not a huge hit.  It’s just not as flavorful and satisfying.  I’ll stick to just putting it in miso soup, or maybe adding it in with other meats to make the dish stretch.  

This week I just don’t want to grocery shop.  I’m tired and don’t feel like it.  So I’m going to try and use my pantry and whatever I have left around this place to make up meals this week.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  It could be a disaster.  We might end up at Subway every night!  


2 thoughts on “I need another 3 day weekend!

  1. No new treats! What about having a handful of nuts and seeds instead? Ok, it’s not quite chocolate/sweets but good for your energy levels. I think the plans for your yard sound great – looking forward to seeing the before and afters!

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