Disney Cruise Day 8…Last Day At Sea

Maybe I should just call this post “Eating Day” because that is mostly what we did, and it was fabulous.  Cam and I had reservations at Palo for brunch.  Palo is the adults only fancy pants restaurant.  It’s $20 per person for brunch and worth every penny.  Palo has a buffet of brunch offerings as well as a nice menu with items you can order.

Since I knew my calorie intake was going to be insane that day, I made sure to hit the gym for 2 hours that morning.  I tested out a bike for 10 minutes an the elliptical for 10 minutes and then got on my trusty treadmill and ran it out for 90 minutes.  I managed to burn 1000 calories, score!  Time to shower and eat my favorite meal on the ship.

We had a big table for the two of us.  They must have know we would be filling the whole table with our plates :).ImageOur server was from Hungary, very nice (and cute!).  He showed us around the buffet.  Here’s the appetizer type items.  Fruits, meats, breads.ImageSeafood!  The crab was very yummy.  I love that they make it so easy to eat.  No cracking.  Just eating.ImageImageOooo cheese, my second favorite part of our meal.  I was a tad disappointed they didn’t have as many cheeses as on our last cruise.  Our last time at Palo they had some really nice blue cheeses that were amazing.  ImageNicoise salad anyone?

ImageOh my goodness, look at those pastries!  Seriously ridiculous.ImageOne of my plates.  I was trying to portion control myself while still trying lots of items.  Ok, not the circle bread with olive, but the one under that…amazing.  It was crusted with some delicious cheese and then stuffed with blue cheese, so good!ImageTime to order some pizza.  Grape and Gorganzola was our favorite last time, so we order it again.  It was just as tasty this time.  I really want to try and replicate this recipe.ImageTime for another round!  This is making me hungry writing this.  My oatmeal sitting here next to me is looking extremely bland and boring now.ImageThis is the strawberry soup.  You order it from the menu.  It’s like a smoothie but there’s something in it that makes it amazing.  My guess is cream.  ImageCam tried the Veal Saltimbocca.  It was really good.  Very flavorful and nice small portion so you can just keep on ordering :).ImageOk dessert time!  My favorite, AHH!  The only thing I did not like at this meal was that chocolate thingy on the left.  It was like chocolate jello, creepy.  But the rest, heaven!ImageThis is a raspberry mango creamy something or other.  It was beautiful and delicious.ImageSome cute parfaits.  I didn’t try these, but they were adorable.ImageLittle lemon meringues.  Perfect.ImageMy favorite dessert of the brunch, tiramisu.  I wasn’t even a fan of tiramisu and then I had this…it was so dang good.  I always share with Cameron, but this, there was no sharing.  I almost went back and got another one.  ImageBut I still had chocolate covered strawberries to eat!  The while chocolate was so creamy, you could tell it was the GOOD stuff.ImageOh man, these were good too.  Mango panna cotta.

After eating ourselves into an oblivion.  Cam and I walked a mile on deck 4 to help us digest.  ImageOnce we came out of our food coma, we went and found our baby girl.  She was hanging out with her Aunties at towel folding.  I believe that is a chicken she’s holding up there.ImageOr it’s Princess Leia 🙂

Nothing too exciting was going on that afternoon and it was too cold to swim, so we decided to take a nap.ImageAfter nap time we got ready for the evening and went out on deck 4 to take some pictures.  Ummm, it was windy 🙂ImageAfter laughing for probably 10 minutes… we went to the show Remember the Magic and then proceeded to get our last ice cream, so sad.  Yeah I know, ice cream before dinner, I’m bad, again.ImageDinner time!  Of course our girly had the beef wellington, crazy kid.  She didn’t even leave me a bite.  She devoured the whole thing!ImageBet you can’t guess what I had?  Yeah, fish.  ImageThe girls decided that they would try and suck the ice cream out of their Mickey head ice creams.  It did not go well 🙂ImageYum, baked Alaska.ImageUmmm, I may have ordered the dessert trio as well.  Hey, it was the last day of our cruise.  I can eat 30 desserts in a day if I want.  So much for that 1000 calorie blast this morning.  Should have made it 3000.ImageIn the evening, after dinner, they have a huge character palooza.  Tons of characters from the shows and all the princesses and disney favorites come out to take pictures.  I would have stuck around to take lots of pics, but I really wanted to see Ivan Pacel, the juggler.

So we settled with one picture, the Lion King actors. ImageWe checked Val into the Oceaneers Club, for the first time this trip!  She’s not a fan.  But the juggling show was adults only, so she agreed to go.  Ivan was very funny as usual and I’m glad we got to go.  The show was only 30 minutes.  So Val used the Oceaneers club for a grand total of 45 minutes!  Haha.  Oh well, as long as she wants to be with me I welcome it.

We wandered around the ship for a bit.  Checked out the gift shops one last time, watched waves in the pool, looked at pictures in the photo shop.  And of course, stopped by the Promenade lounge for the midnight snack.

I think the midnight snack is one of my favorite “little things” about the cruise.  They have it every night and it’s always really good.  ImageNothing like some fruit, cheese, and something sweet before calling it a night.ImageAnd that my friends is our last day at sea!  The next day we were up early and disembarking. But we did have fun plans.  NASA!


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